Energy Efficiency

Triassic Solutions is one among the few Energy Audit Firms registered/empanelled with the Energy Management Centre, Government of Kerala ( and Maharashtra Energy Development Agency, Maharashtra ( Triassic undertakes audit of both Electrical and Thermal utility systems.

Certificates of registration:

  • Energy Management Centre, Kerala:        EMCEEA-2613F
  • Maharashtra Energy Development Agency, Maharashtra:     MEDA/ECN/CR-01/2013-14/EA-27


An energy audit combines both Bottom-Up and Top-Down methodologies. Triassic’s Energy Audit team strives not only to save energy, but also to save corresponding CO2 emissions. The ultimate objective of the Energy Audit Service is to make the business sustainable with minimal damage to the environment – approaching Green Manufacturing.

  • Auro Lab
  • Kerala Feeds 600 TPD- Unit 1
  • Tata Coffee
  • TVS Firestone
  • Rehabilitation Plantation Ltd.
  • Lipids Condiments
  • Kerala Feed 300 TPD, Unit-2
  • Keltron

Energy Systems covered

Electrical Energy systems
  • Air Compressor
  • Blowers & Fans
  • Cooling Tower
  • DG system
  • Electrical bill Analysis
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Motors Load Survey
  • Pumps
  • Transformer
  • Other manufacturing machines run by motors
Thermal Energy systems
  • Air heaters and dryers
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Co-generation
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Insulation and Refractory
  • Thermic fluid heaters
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Process equipment using thermal energy

Performance Evaluation of Major Utilities and Process Equipment

Electrical Distribution Networks


Performance evaluation through simultaneous measurements of major electrical parameters on HT side and rationalization of transformers, if needed.

Power Factor

Measurements of distortion & displacement power factor at various points viz., PCC, MCC, load centres etc., and analysis of the same for optimizing the network losses.

Metering & Monitoring Status

Review of existing meters for adequate monitoring requirements.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical measurements of all major electrical parameters viz., voltage, current, power factor, KW, frequency etc., of important equipment (motors, lighting, etc.), with significant energy consumption. Loads susceptible to generation of harmonics shall be checked for present harmonic level. System unbalance with respect to voltage and current shall be checked. Cabling shall be checked for any avoidable losses.

Pumps & Fans/Blowers

Measurement of Head/pressure, flow, power and determination of pump/blower efficiencies based on measured parameters and critical study of piping/ducting/valves/dampers pressure losses, system layout etc.


Determination of compressor capacities, specific power consumption, KW/CFM, leakage detection and quantification, pressure losses in auxiliary equipment/ piping, identify point using unnecessary high pressure and identify application with wasteful use.

Process Equipment [CNC Machines etc.]

Determination of specific power consumption for every major process step through measurements. Review of data with process personnel.

Diesel Generators

Review of performance including major auxiliaries and suggestions for optimization.


Measurements of light intensity and all major electrical parameters viz., voltage, current, PF, KW. Study of type of lamps and chokes used; day and night time lighting etc.


  • Estimation of Specific Energy consumption per unit of product (or) per of floor area
  • Identify opportunities to reduce of Specific Energy Consumption
  • Loss minimization
  • Waste Minimization
  • Low cost retrofitting/Operational modifications
  • Low cost Energy substitution
  • Renewable application
  • Resource savings – Raw Material & Water


  • Industrial and commercial users having HT connection > 100 kVA
  • Any Establishment spending more than Rs. 50 lakhs per year on Energy (combined cost of fuel and power)