About Us

To be a global software service provider is a challenge a small team undertook a decades ago. The challenge grew to become a culture, and the rest is history. The growth of Triassic Solutions as a global firm – in just two sentences. Providing software engineering and designing solutions across diverse industry verticals, Triassic has truly left no stone unturned in its path to glory. Expertise brimming within this organization ranges from financial services to industrial automation, e-learning to fleet operations and healthcare to retail. Relentlessly working together for driving growth, Triassic’s team empowers each client with latest generation of integrated IT and industrial control systems. See Triassic’s clientele vouch – a standing testimony to its broader vision to become a leading player in the global industry.

Triassic Solutions is situated in the greenery of Trivandrum (Kerala, India) with global offices in the Middle East and North America providing localized services to these regions and more. Triassic's headquarters at Technopark in Trivandrum is a 5000 sq.ft. facility consisting of software engineers, technical architects and domain experts.

Triassic encompasses a team that leverages deep industry experience and a focused dedication to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Commitment to always provide the highest quality solutions to satisfy customer needs is the reason for strong ties with customers. Triassic becomes an integral part of our customers’ growth and helps them achieve their business objectives.

Triassic Solutions has showcased expertise and knowledge in engineering large and small system solutions. Triassic’s team works close with clients in need for software engineering, control system engineering, product maintenance, support or related technical expertise, application development and design. Every layer of interaction is embedded with trust and quality, and so is the case with every layer of delivery.